Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zoya, the new hype?

Hi dolls,

China Glaze and O.P.I. seems like being the bomb in nail polishes. Everyone was raving about them.
Lately I've been seeing sooo many post and hauls about Zoya!

I have a China Glaze and some O.P.I. but I have never tried Zoya!
For those who have tried Zoya what do you think about it?
Would you recommend it?
What colors do you think is a must have?

Comment below and let me know


Chique and Glam


  1. is so difficult to choose!!really!
    for spring &summer i think a red/orange one is necessary and also a vivid pink one..
    but i am a big fan of colours so i wear lots of blue,lilac,green..

    my latest polish was a fushcia one,love it!

    kisses <3

  2. i have an order of 6 zoya polishes on the way; can't wait to use them and tell about them :D

  3. That's cool.
    When you receive them make sure to make a post about them!


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