Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swim suites for your body - Curvy Tummy

If you have a plus size and have that curvy tummy, don’t worry!
Don’t just throw on a shirt and go swimming or even worse, some girl just sit there watching the beach just because they don’t want to go in the water just because of their size.

Well don’t worry, here’s the “perfect” swimsuit for you!

If you’re a plus size go with a swimsuit that’s ruched. The ruched detail makes your tummy looks less big and it cinches up your waist.

It doesn’t have to be a one piece swimsuit; you can also wear a tankini.

Both are from Old Navy

Available at Torrid

But as I said in my other post you can wear everything you want. You just have to feel comfortable in it!

Chique and Glam

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  1. so nice idea!!i am bikini fan but it would be nice to get a top like that for swimming by night or to go to a beach party at night when it's a bit chilly..

    interesting post!!

    kisses <3


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