Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adorable blogger

Hi sweeties,

I'm super duper happy. Why? I won another bloggers award. This time it's the "Adorable Blog Award" thanks to caramellitsa.

You guys should go and check her blog! I love this girl, she's very active on blogger and always leave comments. I can call her a true blogger.
I also saw that I'm on her list of friends bloggers on her blog. That's a honor for me!
Thanks allot doll. Can I call you my bloggers BFF? hihihihihi

When you get this award you have to link back the person who gave it to you, say 10 things about you and award your winners
10 things about me:
I heart music, yes I will mention it again cause that's how much I love it!
I'm a nailpolish sucker. Everytime I go out I have to buy atleast one nailpolish
I speak Papiamento (local language), spanish, english, dutch, a little bit of french and hindi/sindhi
I love the Indian culture ( my boyfriends from India )
I dream big
I want to make a trip around the world
For my 15th birthday I went on a Disney cruise for 4 days/3 nights with 20 guests ( my birthday party was held there, I'm so lucky )
I go to the USA every year, sometimes 2 times a year. I actually really want to live there ( coming soon, since I have family living there )
I still watch the old classic Disney movies, I love them. They never get old.
I want to make the most out of my blog
My Award goes to..................
Chique and Glam


  1. how sweet!!bravo!!

  2. you are sooo sweet!!!!your words are really important to me
    you are my bff blogger too hihi :DDD
    congratulations your blog deserves it and that's why i keep checking it out and commenting :DD

    have a nice weekend girl :DDD
    kisses <3

  3. Awww, thanksss doll!

    Have a nice weekend aswell

    kisses <3

  4. Awe thank you sooo much girly!! :)


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