Monday, May 16, 2011

What I love, who I am in pictures - Flats

Hi Dolls,

I have another -what I love, who I am in pictures- post.
This time it's about flats.
What's more comfortable then wearing flats? Besides being comfortable they are very cute (well not all of them)

I think flats can also be a statement to dress up any basic items IF it's not a simple flat. It all depends on the pattern and little details on it like a bow, sequins etc.
I don't own allot of flats, as a matter of fact I only have one cause it seems like I can't find any cute ones where I live.

Chique and Glam


  1. I'm a flats girl myself. I'm 5'9" for goodness sakes. I love that someone other than me adores them!

  2. I'm also BIG on bows too. I really like the last pair. Mind sharing where you found them?

  3. Hi Doll,
    I actually got these pictures on heartit.

    I'm really searching for a store were I can get some cute pair as those pictures

  4. absolutely agree with your post..!!

    check out my blog if you're free

    i saw your comment at my friend's blog
    asked about my campaign jeans
    here is the blog

    but,unfortunately, the blog is in indonesian language
    if you have anything to ask just contact me
    i'll reply asap :)

  5. NICE SHOES....

  6. Great flats and loving the last ones with the bow..



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