Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's on my wish list and a lil' update!

Hey my dolls, it's been a long time.
School has been holding me back and I didn't had much time too blog!
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I will be done by June 9th and after that I will be back posting everyday! I need to finish my Summer Serie :)
If you haven't seen my post yet on the "perfect swimsuite don't forget to do that!
---> curvy-tummy.

[Somethings weird with my blog, I've been losing my post :S. I did two post already on the "perfect" swimsuite but one is gone]

Now back to topic
It's been along time since I went make up shopping! Well along time for me though!

MAC came with this new collection called Surf Baby! and I've been eyeing the new eyeshadows in this collection especially Surf USA. I think it's such a pretty color perfect for the summer like for a liner on your bottom lashline.

I think if the MAC counter here on my island comes with this collection I will sure buy all the 5 eyeshadows, the lipstick in Hibiscus and the Blush. I'm not sure about the blush yet. The lipstick is not a color I would usualy wear but I'm going to give it a try.

I do NOT own these pictures

Chique and Glam


  1. Hey This collection is already sold out here in Curacao its been in the counter for about a month.. Your late!

    The collection came out here before in the USA

  2. THis collection already came out at the counter in Curacao and its sold out!

    I guess your late. THis collection came out earlier here than in the states. Sowwy

  3. The best part about MAC. . . its the same as Victorias Secret makeup. I loved that when I worked there.

    Zoe Gabrielle

  4. these are so nice!! i must try Mac products !!
    so beautiful colours!

    kisses <3
    * i have a problem with my account that's why i am ''anonymous'' sorry :(

  5. Lovely choices!i really like ur blog.i am follwing you :) follow back!


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