Sunday, April 28, 2013

NEW IN: Zara, New Look, Lush cosmetics, Sephora and Vero Moda♥

A girl can never have enough clothes, that's all I can say so I decided to go on a "mini" shopping spree
First I went to New Look. This is the second time since I came to the Netherlands that I bought something there. I'm not really fan of their clothes but since they where the only store that had midi dresses at my size I decided to go ahead and buy two
 Pink Aztec Sleeveless Midi Dress 19.99 Get it here
Black and White Aztec Stripe Sleeveless Midi Dress 17.99 Get Similar Here

I also fell in love with this necklace. It has this Egyptian style with it and I think it will look great with allot of things
Gold Rope Metal Necklace €9.99 Get it Here

Sephora will be closing it's door 25th of May here in The Netherlands so I decided to go take a look to see what I can still grab but sadly enough they didn't had almost nothing anymore. Only things they have in stock are Sephora brand items. Since I needed new mascara I decided to try out Sephora by Sephora. They where 3 for 10 Euro anyways
I got Ultra Black Triple Action Mascara, Lash Plumper and a Eyeliner in #02 Clubbing Stilletos

Jeans jacket are a must have and since I didn't own any I deiced to buy this one from Zara
 Zara Jeans Jacket €49.95
Along with this jeans jacket I also got these two tops
Beaded Top by Zara €39.95
I love the beading it has and it's also really feminine which I'm really into right now

Spring Top By Zara €27.95

I think Vero Moda(Lijnbaan) is closing so they where having this huge sale on everything. Tooo bad I just found out today and there wasn't that much things I like so I ended up buying only these two blazers. Again these are just basics for the wardrobe

They where €15 Each

Stepping Stone €5.55
Since it's almost sandal and slipper weather I decided to go to Lush to get myself I Stepping Stones( foot scrub). It has a really strong Citrus smell with it which I really like


Sunday, April 14, 2013

New In: H&M Mini Haul

I can't help myself but I'm constantly browsing through the sale section from H&M. There's always something to buy at a good price. This time was no exception. When I saw this mint blazer I immediately fell in love with it. I was a little scared though cause pics can be deceiving sometimes but when I got it, it was just exactly what I wanted it to be. This top is just something basic that you can dress it up easily. Also looks good with this blazer. Items will be featured in future OOTD posts

What do you guys think about my haul? Would you buy these items yourself?


Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Ready: Outfit Inspiration by Chique and Glam

Can't wait for it to be warm to enjoy my Spring clothes, but while it's still cold outside here are some Spring Fashion Inspiration

Friday, April 5, 2013

New In: Tally Weijl Mini Haul❤

 I realized that every time I have an early shift which rarely happens I go to the city and going back home with things I don't need. This time was no exception. As we where "window" shopping I saw that Tally Weijl just opened their store in Rotterdam (Lijnbaan). I've heard about this store but I have never visit it until now. At first when I walked in I wasn't that exited. Their clothes wasn't exact my style (seems really old fashioned) but still I didn't leave empty handed (shopaholic problems)
I found this two colored jeans jacket on sale for just 19,99
I also got this necklace (boyfriend bought it for me) which will look really great with this jacket
Hope you enjoyed my mini haul and I really hope that this will be my last clothing purchases for April

Monday, April 1, 2013

New In: River Island Sale❤ and H&M

It's been such a long time since I've posted something. School and work has been keeping me super busy leaving me with no time to blog.
I went to the city Wednesday after almost a month (avoiding temptation) and As soon as we got there I saw the big red sign (Sale!!!) on River Island. So of course I had to go take a look. I picked allot of things (Retro style sunglasses is from H&M), especially bottoms and bags. As I was walking to the register I felt somehow bad for the amount of items I got and decided to only go with these items I'm about to show.
I'm really in love with my maxi skirt (black and grey one). It has a super sexy side split. Can't wait to wear it
All items will be featured in future OOTD posts

P.S. I'm really proud of myself for not buying the rest of the items just because they were on sale even though I still think I bought allot for an "unexpected" trip