Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alexander McQueen

Meet Lee Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was born in London on March 17th 1969, the youngest of six children. He left school at the age of 16 and was offered an apprenticeship at the traditional Savile Row tailors Anderson and Shephard and then at neighbouring Gieves and Hawkes, both masters in the technical construction of clothing.

Alexander McQueen shows are known for their emotional power and raw energy, as well as the romantic but determinedly contemporary nature of the collections. Integral to the McQueen culture is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity. An openly emotional and even passionate viewpoint is realised with a profound respect and influence for the arts and crafts tradition. Alexander's collections combine an in-depth working knowledge of bespoke British tailoring, the fine workmanship of the French Haute Couture atelier and the impeccable finish of Italian manufacturing.
In less than 10 years McQueen became one of the most respected fashion designers in the world- according to his biography on his site

These are part of his Pre-collection Spring/Summer 2011 and his Spring/Summer 2011 collection

The collection is both bohemian and pagan in spirit. A controlled and technologically advanced environment is rejected in favor of the raw power of nature and a free spirit.
- Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, as almost every other designer have their own line of shoes
Here you can see the "classic" ones...

The "edgy" ones...

And ofcourse the "dare to wear" ones...

He doesn't only specialize himself in the designing of clothing and shoes, but also handbags, accessories and eyewear.

One thing I have noticed about his designs on the accessories in particular and some of his handbags are that almost every piece has a skull on it!

I think he has some great designs especially on his clothing section. I love his dresses, but i'm not that sure about his accessories just for the fact that they have those skulls on it. Not that I don't like them, but I can't picture myself wearing them on like a "serious" event.

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