Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ooh, I so want this ❤

Hi Dolls,

I think the title says it all, i really want one.
You must be wondering what I'm talking about, well it's about these adorable mannequins I found on Etsy.

Just look at the detail on the last one!
Aren't they cute?
Of course there are so many more designs.

Only thing about them is that they are a little too pricey. But I'm sure there are so many other mannequins out there for a much more affordable price.

I think mannequins are a great statement in every girl’s room

I will try to convince my boyfriend to get me one *fingers crossed*

This is the link to the mannequins: CorsetLacedMannequin

Chique and Glam


  1. ohhh so pretty ! ive been looking for one myself too .. i found one at urban outfitters and it was waay too pricey . how much are these ones?

  2. Yes, aren't they???
    These were about $315
    There was I think two or 3 design round $160 but they are not as cute as the pricey ones

  3. OMG...absolutely love them...they add sophistication and a touch of sexiness to any room. Great post.


  4. good luck i will keep my fingers crossed for you!! i love them, i need another one and these are so cute...the one I have was given to me by my grandfather who was a tailor. I like to say its vintage not old lol

  5. @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Yes they do. Thanks :)
    @Lotus Blossom Design: You are so lucky. Like you said I would call it vintage too! Keep it safe, you have a great and memorable piece there :)


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