Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where I get my ideas from

Hi Dolls,

Having an awesome day so far?
I wanted to share with you guys how I get my ideas for making post and of course share with you some tips that I’ve been doing myself to make the most out of my blog, since I’ve became very obsessed with.

Writing post and gathering ideas are NOT easy!
I’ve been thru a phase were I absolutely had NO idea over what I will write about.

I got very sad and start going thru some old magazines I’ve been collecting over the past 2 years.
There I found some great ideas.

So my first tip is:
Don’t throw away old magazines, they are very useful and you can get some great ideas from them. Of course you will adapt them with the present!

My second tip is:
Google, yes you read it good. My main source for information is Google. I love browsing on the internet to be up to date on the latest news within the fashion and beauty industry, even though I don’t always write about them.

My third tip is:
Be a follower
You want to be “subscribed” to allot of bloggers you can related yourself too.
By being a follower you can get tons of ideas for your blog as well!

Of course there’s allot more tips I can give you dolls.

If you want for me to do more of the post, feel free to comment below and I will do more of these types of posts.

Hope this was helpful

Chique and Glam

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  1. great post and the picture in this post is just adorable


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