Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nail Polish of the week

I'm obsessed with painting my nails!
I do it every week or even 2 times a week!
I think as a girl it's important for your nails to look good also. Nails also reflects how you take care of yourself in generally.

This week I'm using the O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Java Mauve!
Like the name says, it's a mauve color wich goes good with allot of outfits colors!

I used only one coat!

Here are some pictures
(No artificial nail, it's my own nail)

Hope you guys enjoy this post

And btw Guys love girls with nice nails and without chipped nail polish!

With Love,

Chique and Glam

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beyonce's bags and purses line

Hey Dolls,

Have you heard about the beyonce's bag line?
"The Dereon Collection"
Well, I went christmas shopping and went to this particular store and saw her line and thought to myself: WOW that's some CUTE bags! At first I didn't want to buy any cause the intention wasn't to buy bags, or even something for me! But after staring at this collection I was like Hell No, I haveee to get a bag from this line. After browsing to oohh so many cute bags I finally got this one!

Like I said I didn't need "nothing" at that time but ofcourse wich girl can go shopping for family and friends without getting something for herself?
"thinking thinking thinking"
So I was like I don't have any grayish bag so this one would be perfect.
The other reason I bought this one in particular is because it can be worn in 2 different ways. With a long strap or with a small strap.

Well Here are more of her collection

* Cute, good material, and awesome price*

Do you guys already know about this line?
If yes, comment below and let me know what you think about it.
If no, you should check it out!

With Love,

Chique and Glam

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get to know BFTE Cosmetics

Last year, Don't remember when this youtube guru, Blair a.k.a. juicystar07 reviewed this make up brand.

wich made me order some of their eyeshadows to know if I would like it yes or no. Well I orderd like 6 eyeshadow and felt in LOVE with them.
BFTE cosmetics become immidiatly one of my favorite brands.

What can I say about the company?
It first (when I got introduced to them) was only online but last year they opened their store in kansas.

BFTE is specialized in mineral cosmetics and you can get every color you can imagine!

I don't have a big collection yet, but believe me soon it will grow.

Prices for their full size jars eyeshadows are $6.50
And ofcourse there are more products, like lip/eye primer, foundations, blushes etc

What's cool about this company is that if you're a new costumer or even a regular customer you can get sample jars of products you want to try for only $2. Isn't that great????

Customer service is OUTSTANDING!, and they have fast shipping, depending where you live.

What more can I say????

In one word * BFTE cosmetics is AWESOME*

Visit their facebook page also:!/pages/Beauty-From-The-Earth/52758578869

Here are some pictures of what I have so far from this company

Comment below and let me know if you had any experience with this company!

Chique and Glam

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blush me

As I tweeted before, i said that I've been kind of obsessed with blush lately, but sadly I own only 1.
Can you imagine??? ONLY 1?
Yes, that's the truth.

I'm using this Neutrogena Healthy skin custom glow blush and bronzer. Long name huh????
Yes, I bought this blush last year in june and felt in love with it and start using blush/bronzer ever since then.
Like the name says *Custom Glow* . It does give you a nice glow without looking like a light bulb (as in shining) LOL xD. I have the Raisin glow 50 one. It also comes with a brush, but I don't use it. I just use a blush brush.

I think this color suits the most skin tone.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Urge to do IT!

I'm supposed to be studying right now! *Sigh*
It's been 3 days that all I want to do is bloggggingggg. ( Not bad at all )

But yeah, blogging is like my new addiction!
Not only writing post, but reading other bloggers post. Isn't that a cool thing to do?
I get sooooo many inspirations of some of the bloggers that I just can't turn of the computer to start doing schoolwork.

But besides that Blogging is a fun thing to do. It's a distraction from school, and here you get the chance to express yourself and possibly inspire people with how you think, dress, dream, and allot more.

But I think I should go back to my schoolwork

With Love,

Chique and Glam

Piece of Jewelry #1

As you can see at the title, yup, it's my # 1 piece of jewelry I can't be without.
It's the dangly earrings! I'm OBSESSED with them.

I have a descent collection of those type of earrings and I thought let me just show you guys!

You may be wondering isn't those type of earrings to dressy?
Well yes, they are dressy, and that's the reason I like them.

If you have something very simple on, with that I mean a plain shirt/top and a jeans just wear one of these earings and it can change your whole outfit!

Here are pictures of some of my precious!

My Favorite, but TO DRESSY. I use this on special occasions!

Comment Below and let me see what's YOUR favorite piece of jewelry

Chique and Glam

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everyday/Neutral Look

Hey Dolls,

I've created this look for all those Chique And Glam girls out there who doesn't feel like wearing colors everyday.
This nuetral look will be suitable for everyone.

Hope you guys like it!

I used: Valley Girl by BFTE cosmetics on the inner half of the lid
and Romp by M.A.C. on the outer half of the lid
As eyeliner I used Indelible Gel Eyeliner in black by BFTE cosmetics
Comment below and let me know if you like it
With Lots of Love
Chique And Glam