Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Shopping Additcion

Hi Dolls,
We ALL love to shop right?
Spoiling ourselves once in a while feels super good. But some of us go overboard and spent way much more then we can effort, and don't forget to mention the amount of things we can do or don't do just for the sake of shopping.
Well yesterday I discovered this show called My Shopping Addiction (on Oxygen). It aired on October 15th, so recently.
It's where experts go in the life's of shopaholics to address their problem and by helping them get over this shopping addiction.

Even though I'm not a shopaholic I'm really going to be more careful when shopping by not buying things just because it looks cute or because it's a trend, but by asking myself how much will I wear it!

So if you think you shop to much (which I know your answer will be NO) or if you like watching these types of show, you definitely should watch My Shopping Addiction.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Haul: Sephora 3 for 10 Euro

Hi dolls,
This is the first time I get to experience this crazy sale from Sephora where you can get 3 Sephora brand make up for just 10 Euro!
Isn't that a crazy deal?
Well even though I didn't really need anything I still went to take a look, since it was my first time.
I wasn't that happy with the selection they had. They didn't had any blushes (Or at least in my Sephora)and the variety of lipsticks/lip gloss wasn't that big either, but Oh well, I couldn't complain much since it was an awesome deal. Even though the variaty wasn't that big I still bought allot, I think!
Here's what I bought:
From Left to Right
Sephora Lipstick:
Sephora Lip gloss: 13 Reflex Miami Pink - sheer pink opalescent shimmer
Sephora Jumbo Liner: 08 Gold 
Sephora Long Lasting Eyeliner: 14 Fancy Violet - metallic amethyst
Sephora Long Lasting Eyeliner: 10 Glitter Khaki - olive brown with gold and green glitter
Sephora Lip gloss: 22 Shimmery Deep Rose - muted rose with gold shimmer
Sephora Lip gloss: 11 Shiny Pin-up Pink - bright fuchsia pink shine
Sephora color lip last: (can't find the name of it)
Sephora Highlighting Compact Powder: Rose Pink

Original cost: € 116,50
I Paid only € 30
A saving of € 87,50

Happy with my purchases 

Have a nice weekend

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

James Bond "Skyfall" Inspired Nail Polish Collection by OPI

Hey Dolls,

Even though I'm not a big fan of James Bond, or better said 007, I still find it so amazing how this year he is basically in almost everything. From commercials like Heineken to collections like this one from OPI