Thursday, April 14, 2011

You always wanted to have your own store?

Hey Dolls,

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of most!
Yes I know it's been only two dasy but as I promised myself I have to post everyday I feel like it's been along time since I have posted.

Now back to topic!

I always wanted to start my own boutique and I know allot of you guys want to. But don't worry anymore.
I found this great site where you can "open" your own Boutique!

Once you sign up you have to go through 6 steps before you can open your boutique
Step 1: Your style
Step 2: Love & Hate for Dresses
Step 3: Love & Hate for Tops
Step 4: Love & Hate for Botoms
Step 5: Love & Hate for Shoes
Step 6: Designers

By each of these steps you get to choose what are the types, colors, paterns you like and hate about each category and ofcoure you get to choose all of your favorite designers.

After that you are good to start your boutique!

How fun is that?

What I like most about this site are the options you get by either use their fashion models or you can upload your own picture! WOW, isn't that AWESOME????

Soo... Go sign up now, customize and start with your OWN boutique!

Chique and Glam


  1. This is such a cute and neat idea. Never thought about owning my own boutique store but hey this is a cool way to make it happen!!


  2. really neat concept
    i checked it out so do you actually make money using this site?

  3. @PB and J apparel: No, you can't make money with it, but what you can do is buy the clothes on their.

  4. @PB and J apparel:The products you see on are sold by online retailers who submit their products to be listed on


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