Monday, April 4, 2011

Confidence - The Within

How many times we are afraid of doing something because we think we're not good enough?
How many times we have start something and quite half way just because we thought we couldn't make it?

By doing we learn, by doing we gain experience, by doing we become better in what we couldn't do or what we've not been able to do well!

I was always scared to write something down for other people to read, scared of making my own blog or go in public to express what I have inside just for the fear. But by reading other blogs and see how they started I said to myself, it's not the poeple who is holding me back but myself, what's inside!

So the problem doesn't sit in what we do, but rather in ourselves. The Within!
We, ourselves, are the one we keep holding us down. Quieting means we're not able to look further then what we're capable of, but rather stop on where our fear wanted us to stop!

So with this I will tell you guys
"To succeed we must first believe that we can"

Be positive on everything and you'll see that you can achieve everything.
So if we don't start believing in ourselves that we can, who else is gonna believe in us?

Chique and Glam


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