Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shaved hair Styles

Hi Sweeties

Shaved hair is not something new, but it's also not something old.
I was watching whip my hair by Willow Smith and shaved hair style came to my head!

I think this hair style is so crazy and ridiculous. I don't want to offend no one or trying to be mean. But come on!
You decided to shave one part of your head, sometimes the weirdest place. Now what will happen if you have to go like a "serious" event? Don't tell me you want your hair to be like that?

Well what do you guys think about this crazy hair style?
Something you would do?

Comment below and let me know what you think


  1. Ok no joke I did see a girl at my grocery store have the shaved rihanna style hair and it was bright red and it looked so bad in person. I think that alot of times celebrities can just rock this because they are suppose to be outrageous but the whole cassie thing with long hair and then half shaved looks bad. I dont like it.

  2. Yes, I agree with you!
    I think it's just crazyy

  3. Not for me this kinda hairstyle..Ridiculous!!! :)

  4. Personally, not a fan of this look.... especially when I have been trying to grow my hair for like 3 years (feels like forever & I am still trying to get it longer) & then I see these girls shaving off "part of" their long locks.... but each to their own I say hey :)

  5. I dont have any shaved areas on my head.
    except for a couple years ago when the stylist i went to shaved one of my sideburns off (on purpose by the way) when i wasnt looking, so i had to shave the other side to match. (never went tothat salon again)
    but my solution would be simple.
    -if only one side is shaved, part it down the other.
    -if both sides re shaved, part it down the middle
    -if your whole head is shaved... ur screwed.

  6. I don't like it. It's kinda.. overrated.


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