Friday, April 1, 2011

My Perfect perfection

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
The days when you feel like not wanting to put liquid or a heavy foundation to your face, well the Studio Fix foundation is the solution!
It's a powder foundation created by MAC cosmetic. It feels very light weighted on your face and goes on easily!
It gives you a medium to full coverage which is very good (depends on your face). It's a matte foundation and will make your face look flawless after applying it.

Best way to apply it:
The Powder Plus Foundation comes with an applicator wich is good. When you use the applicator it gives you a really compact finish. With compact I mean it covers "everything" up, BUT it makes your face look like you've put on 4 to 5 layer of foundation! Not the case! To perfect if I may say so!

I use a powder brush to put it on! It makes it look so natural and veryyyy light on your face!
So to my opinion it's better to use a brush then the actual applicator it comes with!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post

With love,

Chique and Glam


  1. Nice post.... I would love to see before & after photos to see how nice this product works :)

  2. I will try to take photos of it:) My camera doesn't give me the quality I need! But I will do my best :)

  3. i have to say that i dont like liquid foundations either , i have tried a few and they just feel kinda gewy and icky idk , i wanna switch over to the powder or cream kinda mouse foundations see how they feel, am scarred 2 try this out tho becuz i break out easily so idk what to do , but this was really helpfull tho


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