Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hmmm, you smell good! - Scented Necklaces

Hey Sweeties,

As always I'm browsing on the internet and I found these cool necklaces, the scented necklaces.
I think it's so cool and funny to have one of those necklaces even though I'm not 100% sure if I would wear one of them. It all depends on the scent of course.

There are soooo many scents like the "very berry strawberry ice-cream necklace"and some of them I think would be sooo crazy for me to smell like that. Can you imagine yourself wearing the butter and maple syrup waffle necklace? Well, I don't. hahahaha, but oh well.

Even though there are some crazy scents I think they are so cute looking and great to at least have one in your collection.

What do you guys think of these necklaces?
Would you wear on of these necklaces?

Comment below and let me know

Chique and Glam


    I would so wear these lol and it makes it that much better that they smell yummy!!!
    Great find!!

  2. aww these are cute!
    check out my blog and follow as i will follow back



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