Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never say never

Hey Dolls,
I'm super super super exited. Can you guess why????
Remember I posted in August i'm going to do the no buy challenge for 3 months?
Well I can say I did it, besides the nail polishes I bought in August.
I never knew I would accomplish this no buy project.
It was super hard, I'm not going to lie. When I go out I was avoiding places where I know I would buy anything make up related. But at the end it's all about being strong and don't fall for temptation. 

What I learn from this is to be more conscious when it comes to buying make up. 
For example; if I know I have a black eyeliner i really don't need to get another one until I finish the one I already have etc. But also appreciate what I already have and by actually using them not only once or twice.

Now that I accomplish this no buy project i really don't feel the urge to go all out with make up like I did before or buy just to buy. I now take time and ask my self: "do I really need this?" like in the movie shopaholic.

P.S.: I didn't even buy clothes (WOW , I'm super impressed and proud of myself)

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  1. Way to go girl. I myself am also kind of on a "No Buy." I haven't bought anything just to buy for a while. I've only bought things when I run out of them. It does feel good.

  2. Congrats!! That's great news!
    Sometimes I successfully made it on 'No-Buy' project while sometimes i failed.
    It does feel good when you have accomplished it though.

    The-Bel (Fashion Blog, Online Shop, Street Style)

  3. well done on getting through it! you have more restraint then me haha xx


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