Monday, November 28, 2011

Travel: My trip to Panama

I’m back from an awesome mini vacation there in Panama
I just love that place. This is my third time going there so I didn’t take much picture. Not only because of that but the drivers there drive super fast which makes all my pictures look blurry. The drivers there in Panama are crazyyyy. With crazy I mean they drive super duper fast and with absolutely no patience. I don’t know why ‘every’ driver there in Panama are like always in a hurry, but besides that it was great.
The first day they we went to Panama Canal. We stayed there for about 1 hour and then we went to Albrook Mall. I think that one is the biggest Mall there in Panama. 
The next day we went to "Los pueblos". It's a open shopping place where you get tons of shops (almost exactly like in Albrook Mall). To be honest I never liked that place, but since it was included in the tour we went anyways. But when we got there, there was that other mall, Metro Mall, right across "Los Pueblos". So me and my mom went there till it was time to go back to the bus. That mall has more "high end" shops. I loved it there.
The third day was an optional tour. But since I went already there I told my mom she must go there. I'm talking about the Emberas, the Indians.
That place is awesome. The Indians are great, their food (fish and "patacones") was terrific and they have a nice landscape. 
When we got there we went on a boat trip which led us to the waterfall. 
it was a complete adventure there but worth it. I even took a swim there. So relaxing. After that we went to their "houses". They did two of their dances and then they picked some of the visitors to dance with them. I was the first one they picked to dance with. 
Just a place when every time I go Panama it will be first on my ‘to visit places in Panama’.
Enjoy some of the pictures that turn out to be good.
The other days we just went shopping.

So that was my trip to Panama. I would definitely go to Panama soon again. I just love it their especially their food and nature, even though they have a raining season that last for about 8 months.

P.S. I will be posting a video so you can see our trip to the "Emberas".

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