Sunday, November 27, 2011


Everyone has a list of things they want to have and I'm no exception.
Well this is part of my wishlist.

- Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80: Since the day these brushes came out I wanted to get one. It looks like it will super good for applying liquid foundation.
Price: $16
(Just ordered one on Black Friday)

- Pinch me by M.A.C.: Just the right blush color for me. The next time I visit the M.A.C. counter this is going to be the first thing I'm gonna put my hands on, since every time I visit the M.A.C. counter I keep saying I will buy it the next time I come back.
Price: $19.50
- Freedom System eye shadow square: I was always fascinated about colors like those. I think they are perfect for "liner" just to give your eyes that pop of color.
372 Matte falls in the green section and 371 Matte falls in the turquoise color
Price: $5 each
- Sally Hansen Salon Effect strips: They have some really nice "patters" which I know i could not do them by myself, that why I think are perfect. But not also for that but for the fact that they are super easy to put on especially when you are running late and you still want your nails to look "perfect".
I want to get them in every single effect (remember I'm a sucker for "nail polishes")

I hope you guys enjoyed my wish list. Loved some of these items? Are they on your wishlist too? or you have something else in mind?
Share them with me in the comment section. I may discover new products

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  1. Great stef!! (Marvienne)
    You inspired me to buy some blush, I never used them and I just watched a video how to apply the blush.


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