Monday, August 8, 2011

I thought I was going to wait forever

Happy Dolls,

Thursday I went do to some shopping with a friend. I told myself I'm not going to buy anything since I was on my No Buy project, but then we saw this minty nail polish we were both looking for so we were like "we need to get this". So that's how it started, and yes, I broke my promise, but oh well. They were things I've wanted for quite a long time now.
After that we went to DA ( it's like Walgreen's) and there they were, O.P.I. nail polishes. I got super exited cause finally there's a store here in Curacao that will carry this brand.
I've been wanting to get the O.P.I. Shatter nail polish for such a long time now and finally got them in my hands! Along with some other O.P.I., Revlon and a Milani nail polish.

What I got:
Milani Neon in Dude Blue #505
Revlon Minted #85
Revlon Electric Pink #210
Revlon Sunshine Sparkle #089
O.P.I. Step Right Up!
O.P.I. DS Opulence
Shatter by O.P.I. Silver 
Shatter by O.P.I.  Navy



  1. i want an opi ds color so badly! opulence is beautiful :D


  2. i havent tried opi yet but i really have to i think,love the 1st blue very pretty!

    kisses <3


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