Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Youtube hmmmm!

Like you guys can see the tittle it's about youtube!

You must be wondering "youtube"? well yes!
It's been like 3 months now that I've been wanting to start filming videos to put on youtube but I still don't have the courage to do that!
Maybe I'm camera shy??? "thinking face"

Second of all, I don't know if people will like my videos wich is my biggest fear!
Ofcourse there will be alwaysss people telling you that's it's not good or that you better be off camera!
But I'm still worried about those negative reactions. And as many people say. If you can't handle those negative comments don't be on youtube!
But I just want to try it, cause after all it seems like a nice community to work on with.

So if you guys have any tips for me comment below and let me know!
Cause I really want to do it!

With love,

Chique and Glam


  1. If you really want to do it.. you should!!
    Just make sure you have something unique about your videos, and eventually a lot of people will like it and subscribe.
    I actually wanted to start filming videos too. But i kind of don't like my voice on camara. So I took that idea out of my head..
    But my tip is, to just to what you want without one doubt in your mind about getting hated for it.. or bad comments. cause haters are everywhere. but that should definitely not stop you from doing what you really want, in your case make youtube videos.

    hope i helped :)

  2. Thanks girl. I agree with you. If I want something I should Go for it no matter what people may think, cause haters will be everywhere!

    Thanks for the support! and nice words


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