Thursday, March 10, 2011

The power of coconut oil

Hey Dolls,

I want to share my experiance with coconut oil with you guys
But before that I want to share some facts about coconut oil

This oil help thicken the hair while making it softer and shiny
This oil also moisturizes the hair as well as protect the hair from dye treatments

My Experience

It's been like4 months now since I start using PURE coconut oil!
I have used coconut oil before but NOT pure ones, even though they claim to be "pure".
But what I will say is that the one I used before did give my hair shine but after that it dried my hair out!

I was skeptical after that about if I should keep using coconut oil or not and after researching I thought to myself: "heyyyy have you tried PURE coconut oil?" and so i got some pure coconut oil.

How I use it

When you put oil in your hair you have to remember that only a TINY BIT amount is needed, otherwise your hair will be very greasy!

I use coconut oil 3 times a week and start rubbing it in from the ends and up and then I massage my scalp for circulation.
* People tend to say that don't use oil on your roots! But it's the roots where you have to put the oil in( you want to make your new grow hair stay healthy), but the problem is we don't know how to do it! Thats why I start from ends to roots and then massage it! So all of my hair gets some oil.

I hope this is/was helpfull for you guys!

With love,

Chique and Glam

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