Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Island, Curacao

Hi Dolls,

This is a non beauty post but I wanted to share with you some part of my Island Curacao.
I went on a boat trip and thought I should show you guys some of the pictures.
Hope you enjoy it and of course get to know Curacao a little bit more.

Hyatt Regency Curacao

This is inside our Harbour- The Sint Ana Baai
The Buildings you see there are historical buildings and there is were our city is, Willemstad.

This is part of our bridge, the Juliana brug which mean the Juliana bridge. Juliana is the name of one of the queens of Holland.


This is a full view of our bridge, The Juliana brug which divides Otrobanda and Punda. Otrobanda means literary "Other Side".

Let me know in the comment section if I should do more of this non beauty posts, like post about my Island, a day in my life etc.



  1. I love post like these. The pictures look really nice.

  2. stunning!! this place is beautiful i loved it from the photos!you are so lucky!
    of course i d like to see more :DD
    great photos the ligh is really good!

    kisses sweetie

  3. Thanks Dolls, I will definitely do more about these posts.

    P.s. Pictures were taken by me :)

  4. Oh my Goodness!!!! beautiful simply stunning..Lucky girl please do share more pics if possible :)

    <3 Marina


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