Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bright Crystal

We all have our signature scent and so do I
As you can already guess it's the Versace: Bright Crystal.
I've been using this perfume since 2007 and immediately fell in love with it! 
You can easily wear this perfume everyday due to it's fresh scent.
This perfume give you a kind of mature and elegance impression. 
Crystal Bright can be qualified as clean, floral en feminine. 
- Packaging is really nice. As you can see it has a big "Crystal" on top which can give your room a super nice elegant, classic but at the same time girly feeling to it. Great for displaying.
- As for price the 1 oz is around $50 and the 1.7 oz aroun $68

This is definitely something to try
Any thought about this perfume? Have you tried it already? So yes?, let me know what you think about it
P.S.: I need to purchase a new bottle since I used all of mine

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  1. I love this parfume!!! and the adv is good! Great Versace


  2. I know this fragance and I really love it, perfect for summer !!!
    Great blog by the way ;))


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