Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sneak Peak - Self Tanner, My Experience and Some Tips

Hi dolls,

Here's a sneak peak of my next post
"When going home my mom was telling me that my legs are super red, but I told her I always get red first and then I will get that “darker” color.
Well I was wrong. The next day when I woke up I couldn’t even stand on my feet for 2 minutes that I had to sit down again because I had those horrifying cramps that made it impossible for me to walk"


  1. Omg! I've never used a self tanner. I am so scared to try them and I get pretty tanned without them. I do like your new blog layout!

  2. You poor thing! Never had a self-tanner do this to me but it sounds painful. Maybe slather on aloe vera...lots of it :) Hope you get better!

  3. oh my god!!what did you do then??maybe some yogurt will relieve you...
    i really hope it gets better sweetie and the pains leaves...


  4. :( try some aloe vera gel or some calamine lotion...get better!


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