Monday, June 6, 2011

The Big Reveal

Hi dolls,

Finally the post you have all been waiting for! I'm finally revealing what this beauty product is that I mentioned in my sneak peak post.

Thank you for all those guesses but non were close to what this beauty product actually is.

Someone I know went to Morocco and got me this beauty product

I had no clue what this product was when I got it. It had this weird looking shape with it. Looks like hard clay and had that weird looking color on it! Only “good” thing about it was the smell! It smells like spices and mint mixed together. Some of you may not like the smell but I like it.

Well enough with the wondering. This beauty product is actually a lipstick, but I can say it's more like a lipstain, a red lipstain.
I did allot of research to know what this product is made of and it's name but couldn't find any result nor for the ingredients nor for it's name.

I was very exited to try it out but it didn't be as much of an exiting product as I thought it was.
What you need to apply it:
What you need is a lip brush, water and of course the lip product!

How to apply it:
To apply the product just dap your lip brush into the water and then do as if you’re picking eye shadow.
After you’re done picking up the product just apply it on to your lips.
You can put as much as you want.

Since its matte of course you can put a clear gloss on top of it to make it shiny.

bare lips

after applying the lipstain
after even it out
My thoughts about it:
I don't like this lipstain. Why?
1. It looks like you have drink red juice that stained your lips.

To avoid for it to look like you've just drink red juice you have to go with your fingers to even it out, but then it takes of most of the product, even though you will still see the red tint.
2. it's unhandy to carry around.

Sooo, what do you guys think about this product?
Something to like?
Comment below and give me your thoughts about it!

P.S. I still have one more exam, so i'm appologizing again for slacking on post!

Chique and Glam


  1. i could never imagine what this was!!! weird!!!
    i am not sure i like the result..the scent must be nice but hte result doesnt look that nice :(

    good luck for your exams :)
    kisses <3


  2. WOW..I would of never guess!! my was a mushroom LOL..yeah you're right it doesn't look like a good product at all.

    <3 Marina


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