Monday, June 20, 2011

My Tanning Experience

We all want to have that bronzy skin color, especially in the summer.
We lay down in the sun for hours; go to tanning beds numerous times after each other just so we can get that “perfect” skin color.

But are we aware about the consequences we put ourselves in every time our skin gets sun exposure?
(picture doesn't show the true red color)

Well I was aware of the consequences but I didn’t think it was so much of a deal.
Living in Curacao is always hot and sunny, so we went to the beach like 4 weeks ago and we were sitting in the sun for like 3 hours; take a dive sit again in the sun for hours until it started to get dark.
At that time I didn’t realize what I was doing, I didn’t pay much attention to the redness of my skin and all the harm I could do to it. I did use sunscreen but only on my upper body.
When going home my mom was telling me that my legs are super red, but I told her I always get red first and then I will get that “darker” color.
Well I was wrong. The next day when I woke up I couldn’t even stand on my feet for 2 minutes that I had to sit down again because I had those horrifying cramps that made it impossible for me to walk. My legs were so delicate that it couldn’t get in touch with nothing, not even water when I took showers.

The cramp stayed like that for about 1 full week until it went away.
I got scared and was told to go to the doctor for a checkup but I was too scared for that.
Beside the cramp my leg was super red and even now after 4 week I still haven’t got my original skin color.
The “funny” part of this is that I didn’t lay straight, my leg was up (weird position for tanning, I know) so now I have this line on my leg which prevents me from wearing skirts, dresses etc. that’s above that line.

Some tips I can give you is
1.      Use Sunscreen on your entire body.
Sometimes we forgot that not only our arms, face and backs get sun exposure, but our entire body. So apply the sunscreen on your entire body.
Re-apply your sunscreen every time you go into the water.
2.      Wear a hat (instead of sunglasses)
If you wear sunglasses only you can get marked on your face, and no one wants to have their shape of sunglasses on their face. Your sunglasses can also be ruined in the beach or pool when it gets water, so instead use a hat.  (ofcourse you can wear it, it's your own choice)
3.      Don’t sit for hours in the sun.
Take a dive, sit in the shadow a little then like for 30 min in the sun. Switch it every time. But never sit more than 30 min in the sun.

That was some tips I can give you guys.

I hope this can help you guys realize what we can go through when we want to tan.

Stay Tune for Part 2 - Tanning lotions

p.s.: sorry for not posting any pictures but I don't want to post a picture on how my leg looks like now, not that it look bad but I'm a little ashamed (hopefully it will clear up soon).


  1. OUCH! That burn looks like it hurt a little. Don't forget the lip balm! :) Something not many think about, but lips burn also and have just as much of a chance of developing skin cancer. XX

  2. Thanks Jacenda! I totally forgot about Lip Balm!

  3. I'd actually recommend wearing sunglasses as they have filters in them that protect your eyes and delicate eye area from the sun. If you wear a high enough spf factor sun cream you don't have to worry about having sunglasses marks on your face :)

    Elspeth xxx

  4. Oh No...Hope it gets better doll and yes agreed on all of your tips!!! Thx for sharing and let's use our SPF as much as possible.

    <3 Marina

  5. Thanks Dolls, and thanks for the tips !


  6. isnt it a bit better??i remember you told us it happened some time ago.. i hope it gets better soon! i am against self tanners in general i am afraid of the consequenses so i avoid them ...

    kisses sweetie <3

  7. They Doll, it's allot more better but it still didn't clear up!



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