Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give your hair a break, It's summer

Summer is the best season for the no heat hairstyles.
Heat has been always one of the number one causes for damaged hair.

It's been on now for years that girls have been taking this challenge. The no heat hairstyles for summer.
It's basically where they go the entire summer without heat on their hair. With heat I mean, blow drying your hair, curling it with the curling iron or by using flat irons.

Lesser heat mean automatically healthier hair!

Are you guys gonna do this challenge?
I'm not sure if I can hold on to it, but I will try my best to use lesser heat on my hair!

Here are some hairstyles that don’t require heat.


  1. Braids are my best friends right now :) Stylish and keeps my bangs out of my face.

  2. i am really into braids at this period and love having my hair pulled back
    as for the colour still red hair but i may have some highlights done :D

    kisses <3


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