Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skin products: Formula 10.0.6

My face is going through a difficult phase. Change of climate, especially this winter season has been making my skin super dry and on top of that it has been breaking out like crazy.
So I went to the drugstore and decided to buy Formula 10.0.6 (saw it on a fellow bloggers post)

I got the Daily Foaming Cleanser, the Blemish Care and the Deep pore cleanser
Blemish Care: A clearing gel for helping clear and prevent blemishes
 Daily Foaming Cleanser: To wash away oil and impurities for a clear complexion
Deep pore cleanser: For wiping up dirt, oil and impurities to help you clear out and refresh your skin

 I hope that these products will help me clear my face again



  1. I had the same problem when I moved here. My dokter gave me Vaseline Lanettecreme (free with health care) It worked immediately. Let know if these worked for u. I'm curious. Aily

  2. I have both the blemish gel and the deep pore cleanser from this range! I love the deep pore cleanser, you can really see and feel it working and cleaning all the dirt from your skin. I haven't ever really noticed a change when using the blemish treatment though. How have you found it?



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