Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEW IN: H&M Blazer and Jacket

My Jacket came in since last week but I totally forgot to publish my post, my bad.

Well As you guys may have seen on my Facebook posts that I ordered a jacket from H&M.
It was this beige jacket with leather sleeves. I've been wanting to get something similar like this ever since I came to Holland.

I also had a 5 dollar coupon from H&M, if you may call it like that.
Well ofcourse I had to buy something (shopaholic problem?)
I found this blue blazer on the sale rack for just 10 Euro and with an additional 5 Euro off I only got it for 5 Euro. Oh, I love SALE!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post

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  1. Cool buys!! Really looking forward to outfit posts with your new buys *wink wink* LOL xo


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