Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution

A New Year is here
A new book to be written
Make sure to make every 365 page memorable
Happy New Year 2013

Every year I set new goals, things I want to achieve.

1. Commitment and dedication to my blog
I've been slacking allot in my post since I moved to Holland. But now that I'm mostly settled down so the perfect time to get back into my blogging habits

2. Visit London and Paris for sure this year
This is one of the reason I really don't mind living in Holland. It gives me, and makes it so much easier to visit other places

3. No Buy Project
YES, I'm gonna do it this year again, like every other 2/3 months maybe. Till now I always accomplished it so I hope it will stay that way
Starting today January 1st till March 1st I ain't gonna buy any clothing or make up item. I CAN DO IT

My Motto for this year will be

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