Sunday, January 27, 2013

NEW IN: Marc Jacobs, Bershka and H&M

I'm officially a shopaholic. My urge to shop is getting bigger and bigger.
I did some shopping last week and here is what I got.
Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs from Ici Paris XL

Blue and grey jeans
(My picture will not rotate, sorry for that)
Camo Bolero from Bershka
 Blouse from Bershka
 Blue sweater
(My picture will not rotate, sorry for that)
Pink and white gradient clutch (H&M) and Shoes from Bershka
I've been wanting to get this clutch ever since I saw them on the website, but since they were 24,95 and I didn't need it, I decided not to buy it. But now they were just 10 Euro so guess what! I immediately bought it
I really love the color and the gradient effect it has. 

When I go to the city I always forget to go to Bershka but somehow I didn't forget this time.
I managed to buy some things
It doesn't seem that much but before I went to the register I took a deep breath and put some clothes away since I had about ten items in my hand.
At that very moment I realized I had to stop before it gets out of hand.
So with the help of my boyfriend this is going to be my last haul till May

Hope you liked this post

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