Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Oh! Gosh

I love discovering new products and of course trying them out.
This time it was GOSH Cosmetics.
I've never heard about this brand before and wasn't planning to test it out either when I saw it, but since I was looking for a brow gel and GOSH was the only make up brand at the store who had one at that time I decided to give it a try.
Since they had buy one get one free ( YES, I LOVE SALE ) I got myself the Defining Brow Gel and The Click'N Conceal
GOSH Defining Brow Gel
First time I used it, it was kind of dry. I almost didn't get any product on the brush which makes me kind of skeptical about the product. The second time I used it I finally got product on the brush.
This product holds my brows very good together, you can say almost the entire day, which I didn't expect since it looked dry the first time.
The bad thing about this product is that it doesn't seem like it have allot of product in it
Packaging: A
Product: B
Longevity: A
Application: A
Overall rating: A

I would repurchase this products unless I get to try another Brow Gel that works better then this one

GOSH Click'N Conceal
This is so weird but I have never used concealer before. I did have one but never used it, so I can say that GOSH Click'N Conceal was my first "official" concealer.
This concealer comes only in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Dark.
I wasn't sure at first if I should buy it cause of the color variety, but decided to get the medium one.
It has a creamy consistency, great coverage, doesn't look cakey and feels very light on the skin.
Like the name already say Click'N Conceal, so you have to Click and the product comes out. I find it to get pretty messy after using it for some time which is at it's advantage. These types of applicators are very prone to bacteria

Packaging: A
Product: A+
Longevity: A
Application: B-
Overall rating: A

I would definitely repurchase this product. Perfect color and great coverage even though I don't like the applicator

I hope my Review was helpful and if you want for me to do more reviews please comment below and let me know

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