Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trend Alert: Border Nails

Hi dolls,
I've been seen allot of tutorials on youtube of this nail design lately, the Border Nails
This is going to be a trend this Summer

I'm not feeling this trend at all
The reason why I don't feel this trend is because to my perspective you have to be super carefull when choosing the color combination.
Some color just don't go together in this particular trend
Second of all it reminds of when I used to be a small kid and I always go with a marker or pen around my nails. Now that I'm older I'm thinking what the heck.
It looks so ugly and kinda dirty 

For those of you who like this nail design/trend here is some nail tutorials I found on youtube

What do you guys think of this trend or nail design?
Something you will try or you have the same opinion as I do?

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  1. omg I was going to post about this trend as well! haha I do love itttt, I think it's so different!

  2. i kinda like the trend. not sure if i would actually do it on myself, but i do like it!

  3. It doesn't apeal to me either. I think it looks sloppy. Not going to try it.


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