Friday, May 11, 2012

My First LUSH Product

Don't you get exited whenever you buy something you wanted to try for a long time especially when It's a product you can't get where you live?
Well this time I got to check another "wish" on my long list of things or stores I want to visit

This time it was LUSH. I was super exited when I entered the store
When I visit stores like this I never go overboard and buy everything I think I like just because I can't get it on my Island. So I went carefully through almost all their products to make sure I don't buy something that I will regret later on
After smelling/trying almost every single product they had there I decided to give the Oh so famous "Honey I Washed The Kids" a try

It smells soooo good and feels so moisture by just holding it into your hands
No wonder why it's their #1 selling product

I'm looking forward to try out some more LUSH products and of course repurchase Honey I washed the Kids when i ran out of this one

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  1. I really like LUSH products. I don't use them regularly though. I have my LUSH phases, where I get excited for a month or two and then it goes away. hahah I haven't been to LUSH in such a while now, maybe I'll go check this soap out! Does this soap give you a dry feeling while showering? ;)

    1. Hi Gia, I haven't actually used it yet. I'll do a review as soon as I test it out

  2. this looks amazing!!! i love Lush products! i am obsessed with their bathbombs! i have a whole glass vase filled with them by my workstation at home and it makes the room smell soo fresh!

    1. Yes, I'm definitely gonna get myself some more :D


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