Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh dear Spring

Even though I live in the Caribbean and it's always "Summer" I still want to add a little Spring to my closet
When I think about Spring, I think about pastels. Pastel shirts, blouses, tank tops and of course nail polishes
Pastels have a very feminine and clean feeling to it. Great for days when you don't feel like wanting to much attention
Next item I will sure add to my Spring wardrobe are bangles. I want my arms to be full with bangles, crazy right?
I never liked bangles, or even more nothing on my arms but by seeing people with them, how cute they look and how take can change your entire outfit makes me start loving them and Spring is the best season for me to start wearing them
Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Flowers can never go wrong in Spring. Cute floral tank tops is a must have in my collection.
Colored jeans has become very popular and for Spring they will definitely make a statement. I never liked them before cause of the brightness, but now I love them
When you wear colored jeans it's automatically draw attention to you and they are definitely a twist in your everyday look
I'm looking forward to get myself a teal, royal blue and a pink/coral one.
There are so many more things I want to add to my wardrobe, but for now I think it's enough.
What are you looking forward to this Spring?

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  1. I literally want everything in this post X

  2. i love pastels!! some days ago got my first nail polish in a pastel color love it :DDD

    kisses dear <3

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