Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Style #4: Valentine's Day

Hey Dolls,
Valentine's day is coming so I decided to create 2 outfits on Polyvore
I'm a person who doesn't wear red that much. I think I don't even own a red clothing item. Does that make sense? No.
Well hope you enjoy these 2 outfits
Happy Valentine's day dolls <3

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  1. that dress is hot! I discovered your blog on bloggers :) I love it and I'm now following on google. I hope you can check mine out too <3 happy valentines day!

    xo Stephanie (twins! lol)
    honey & silk blog
    follow on twitter

  2. Awww, twinsies (lol)
    Thanks Doll
    I'll be checking your blog



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