Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion: Cap Toe Shoes

I know this is NOT new, but believe me it's not until early this year that I spotted this cap toe style shoes and fell immediately in love with them. Yes, I've been falling in love with  so many fashion things lately.
Cap toe shoes can work in a lot of ways: a cap toe on a monochromatic shoe can create variation. A cap toe on a multi-colored shoe can mimic color-blocking and a cap toe on a loud-patterned shoe can soften the look. 
Unfortunately I haven't seen them where I live yet or haven't notice them since it's now that I've been paying more attention to this style.
I've seen some DIY where you can make your own cap toe shoe. So if you don't feel like buying one or you're not finding one you like, here is a video where you can make your own one by Tiffany
Is this style something for you? Have you rock them already?
Comment below and let me know

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  1. i really feel like trying out the DIY video you added!!

  2. They are very cute, I'll be getting some but flat ones!

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