Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Piece of Jewelry #1

As you can see at the title, yup, it's my # 1 piece of jewelry I can't be without.
It's the dangly earrings! I'm OBSESSED with them.

I have a descent collection of those type of earrings and I thought let me just show you guys!

You may be wondering isn't those type of earrings to dressy?
Well yes, they are dressy, and that's the reason I like them.

If you have something very simple on, with that I mean a plain shirt/top and a jeans just wear one of these earings and it can change your whole outfit!

Here are pictures of some of my precious!

My Favorite, but TO DRESSY. I use this on special occasions!

Comment Below and let me see what's YOUR favorite piece of jewelry

Chique and Glam

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