Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get to know BFTE Cosmetics

Last year, Don't remember when this youtube guru, Blair a.k.a. juicystar07 reviewed this make up brand.

wich made me order some of their eyeshadows to know if I would like it yes or no. Well I orderd like 6 eyeshadow and felt in LOVE with them.
BFTE cosmetics become immidiatly one of my favorite brands.

What can I say about the company?
It first (when I got introduced to them) was only online but last year they opened their store in kansas.

BFTE is specialized in mineral cosmetics and you can get every color you can imagine!

I don't have a big collection yet, but believe me soon it will grow.

Prices for their full size jars eyeshadows are $6.50
And ofcourse there are more products, like lip/eye primer, foundations, blushes etc

What's cool about this company is that if you're a new costumer or even a regular customer you can get sample jars of products you want to try for only $2. Isn't that great????

Customer service is OUTSTANDING!, and they have fast shipping, depending where you live.

What more can I say????

In one word * BFTE cosmetics is AWESOME*

Visit their facebook page also:!/pages/Beauty-From-The-Earth/52758578869

Here are some pictures of what I have so far from this company

Comment below and let me know if you had any experience with this company!

Chique and Glam


  1. I've never heard of them before but I will definitely check it out now! The colours you have are amazing:) xx

  2. Thanks Girl. Yes BFTE is a great company with outstanding customer service! I can't stress enough on their customer service. Give them a try, you will not get dissapointed :)

  3. just a couple of days ago i wanted to find some new youtube makeup gurus! thank you so much, i subscribed to her channel right away..
    and i am definitely gonna check out the BFTE makeup line.



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