Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blush me

As I tweeted before, i said that I've been kind of obsessed with blush lately, but sadly I own only 1.
Can you imagine??? ONLY 1?
Yes, that's the truth.

I'm using this Neutrogena Healthy skin custom glow blush and bronzer. Long name huh????
Yes, I bought this blush last year in june and felt in love with it and start using blush/bronzer ever since then.
Like the name says *Custom Glow* . It does give you a nice glow without looking like a light bulb (as in shining) LOL xD. I have the Raisin glow 50 one. It also comes with a brush, but I don't use it. I just use a blush brush.

I think this color suits the most skin tone.

I want to buy more blushes and is thinking about getting the other Neutrogena ones, but I want to try other brands also.

Any recomandation for good blushes and if yes, what color you think is a must have in anyones collection?

Comment below and let me know

Chique and Glam

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