Monday, July 14, 2014


I'm thinking about opening my own drugstore or bath and body type of store. I've been buying allot of shower gels and body lotions. Its like my weakness.
Remembered my The Body Shop post? Well, I promised myself I wouldn't buy any body lotion, shower gel or whatsoever anymore till I, at least, use up 2 of them. But guess what, I bought myself 2 body lotion. Did I needed them? NO, but oh they smell so amazing I couldn't resist.
As you might know (those living in the Netherlands) Etos was having a great offer on VS body lotions and body mist. I went to 3 different Etos but they were already sold out. Honestly I was happy cause I saved myself some money until yesterday.
They have tons left so it was a little challenging for me not to go overboard. 
I got Midnight Exotics and Aqua Kiss.

Are you a sucker for body lotions, fragrances and shower gels like I am?
Let me know in the comments below

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