Monday, July 7, 2014


I get super exited whenever I see the sale sign especially at the body shop. I really love The body Shop but I think that the prices are a little too much. Even though they offer great quality products I still don't want to pay €16 for example for a body butter.

Well, as I said The Body Shop is having their summer sale so it was perfect for me to get myself some bath and body products. I didn't go overboard since I didn't actually needed anything. Well, they didn't had that much left where I went otherwise I would have got more to be honest.

I got the Passion fruit body butter and shower gel and a vineyard peach body butter. I wish they had the vineyard peach shower gel as well cause it smells amazing.

TIP: The Body Shop products are great as gifts. So I recommend, if you can of course, to buy some when they're on sale. It saves you money and you don't have to worry anymore for those last minute parties.

Sale ends August 3 while supply last
If you bought anything from their sale please share your link with me in the comments below or on my Facebook page. I love watching other peoples body shop haul

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  1. Ah, de body butters zijn zo fijn!

  2. Super mooie items heb je gekocht. de sale is zo fijn, en al helemaal bij the body shop!


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