Saturday, July 5, 2014


It was love at first sight when I saw this bag. As a Caribbean girl I always loved birds, especially parrots so I couldn't resist and bought the cutest parrots bag ever at H&M. They also have a watermelon want in case you're not a bird/parrot person. The watermelon one was also really cute but this one just screamed my name since it's so colourful.

My bag is already dirty which makes me really sad. I had a new Hollister jeans and the color runs (doesn't run anymore cause I washed it) which totally sucked and ruined my bag. I think it's washable though and hope that after I wash it my parrots still look vibrant as they look now.
What I love most about the bag is as I mentioned before is the vibrant color of the parrots. I really love the color choices and how they used canvas on the bag. It makes it look really summery.
This bag is definitely my go to bag this summer.  

P.S. I'm thinking about getting the watermelon one as well but I'm not sure.
This bag retails for just €14,95 and is available at H&M

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With Love


  1. omg Stef, it's suuuuper cute! I need to go to H&M asap hahah

    1. Cute Huh!!!! They also have a watermelon one


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