Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm one of those girls who doesn't always take off my make up properly. I'm either super tired or just super lazy to use my face wash so I just use water and that's it! (super bad, I know).
Even though It's not meant to use as a replacement I think make up remover wipes are the best for lazy people like me.
I'm currently using the ETOS brand make up remover in 'kalmerend' and 'verfrissend'.
I don't really see the difference between the Refreshing (verfrissend) one and the Sedative (kalmerende) one.
Both are alcohol free. They don't dry my skin or leave it red and remove my make up for 99.9 %. They are also really moist so it's doesn't feel rough or dry on the skin.
One pack contains 25 make up wipes and it retails for €1.79
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