Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Last Saturday I went on an one day trip to Dusseldorf to visit the Christmas market. It was super crowded but also super fun. It wasn't my intention to buy anything beauty related or visit stores we already have here in The Netherlands. But who was I kidding? When we were "done" walking around I went to their local drugstore. To my surprise almost everything are regularly half the price compared to The Netherlands. 

Since I was running out of my favorite face wash products of the moment (review will be up soon) I decided to repurchase them. The price of these Clearasil products range from €3 to €5! Just insane since I bought them here for about €8! 
Same thing for make up. I normally buy the Maybelline collosal mascara for about €15 and in Dusseldorf they are about €7. Half of the price here! But anyways since I didn't need anything I only bought the Dream Sun bronzer by Maybelline for about €4! 

Next time I visit Dusseldorf or Germany in general I would definitely splurge on make up products


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