Sunday, April 28, 2013

NEW IN: Zara, New Look, Lush cosmetics, Sephora and Vero Moda♥

A girl can never have enough clothes, that's all I can say so I decided to go on a "mini" shopping spree
First I went to New Look. This is the second time since I came to the Netherlands that I bought something there. I'm not really fan of their clothes but since they where the only store that had midi dresses at my size I decided to go ahead and buy two
 Pink Aztec Sleeveless Midi Dress 19.99 Get it here
Black and White Aztec Stripe Sleeveless Midi Dress 17.99 Get Similar Here

I also fell in love with this necklace. It has this Egyptian style with it and I think it will look great with allot of things
Gold Rope Metal Necklace €9.99 Get it Here

Sephora will be closing it's door 25th of May here in The Netherlands so I decided to go take a look to see what I can still grab but sadly enough they didn't had almost nothing anymore. Only things they have in stock are Sephora brand items. Since I needed new mascara I decided to try out Sephora by Sephora. They where 3 for 10 Euro anyways
I got Ultra Black Triple Action Mascara, Lash Plumper and a Eyeliner in #02 Clubbing Stilletos

Jeans jacket are a must have and since I didn't own any I deiced to buy this one from Zara
 Zara Jeans Jacket €49.95
Along with this jeans jacket I also got these two tops
Beaded Top by Zara €39.95
I love the beading it has and it's also really feminine which I'm really into right now

Spring Top By Zara €27.95

I think Vero Moda(Lijnbaan) is closing so they where having this huge sale on everything. Tooo bad I just found out today and there wasn't that much things I like so I ended up buying only these two blazers. Again these are just basics for the wardrobe

They where €15 Each

Stepping Stone €5.55
Since it's almost sandal and slipper weather I decided to go to Lush to get myself I Stepping Stones( foot scrub). It has a really strong Citrus smell with it which I really like



  1. Love your fashion finds, and im dying to get my hands on those lush products I heard they're really good :)

    1. Thanks Nina. Some of the Lush products are really Good

  2. Awesome dresses and I love the jacket!!!

  3. Nice haul! Love the beaded top. ^_^

  4. Nice haul! Love the beaded top ^_^


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