Saturday, January 7, 2012

News: No Buy Project part 2

December when I was going through my makeup I realize that I really don’t need any new makeup items. Of course when my mascara runs out I will repurchase it but it’s not like I will go out and buy for example a brown eye shadow when I know I already have like 2 to 3 different brown shades already.

Remember last year I went on a No Buy Project for about 4 months?
Well this year is NO exception. I’m going to do this project again, but now for a period of 6 months. Yes it’s way more extremer then the first time.
The reason why I’m going to do this again, but now for a longer period is because I want to save up for something (maybe 2 things) super exiting I’ve been eying for a long time now. I know that with this I can’t save enough but something is something. Every penny counts.
I will reveal in another post what I’m saving up for.

This time I will also include nail polish in this project. I buy them like crazy and I really don’t need more (well I don’t have every color yet :p)

Each month I will give you an update on how I’ve been dealing with all the temptations around me.
I hope I can complete my 6 months goal, because there is nothing greater then accomplish what you set for yourself, whether it’s big or small.

Start date: Monday 9 January
End date: Monday 9 July

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  1. hope you achieve your goal :DD
    it is not easy you know that good luck dear!!

    kisses <3 <3


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