Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finds:Haati Chai

Hi Dolls,
I recently discover this jewelry site called Haati Chai founded by Stella Simona.
The store has some amazing, unique pieces.
What I find great about this store is that if you buy a piece from them and it becomes damaged or broken you can return it back to them and they will fix it or replace it with a new one and then ship it back. Isn't that cool?
About the shop:

“Haati Chai” literally meaning “elephant and tea” in Bengali, is a jewelry line that was started in Los Angeles, California by Stella Simona. Finding a unique way to blend contemporary styles in jewelry making with jewelry making techniques and styles from India; Haati Chai creates a uniquely magical combination of “on trend” pieces rooted from Indian culture. It is not glaringly obvious in all the pieces, but you can tell that it is something different, special, and unique"

Here are some of my picks, even though it was super hard to pick some pieces because they are all super cute.
Haati Chai Mala Toe Ring-Anklet - $67

Haati Chai Pya Headpiece - $51
Haati Chai Harness Chain - $110

Unfortunately they don't ship where I live but i'll be visiting my aunt there in Miami this June and I will ask her to order some pieces for me.
What do you guys think of this site? They sell great pieces don't they!

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  1. very interesting they are so exotic!!

    kisses dear :)

  2. We are selling Haati Chai on our website and we ship worldwide. Visit us now by: and find out about our amazing items, including Haati Chai's collection. xoxo


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