Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion: Choose your handbag

Hi Dolls,
I'm on a haunt for some handbags since I don't really have allot except for clutches. I have one for school and one for everyday wear which is worn out.
There's allot of cute bags out there, so I'm hoping not to go overboard on my bag shopping trip.
I decided to make a list of the most "popular" types of bags and when is the best time I would wear them.

Handheld Bags
I see bags like this as an everyday wear and it can go with every outfit you have.
When picking bags like these, especially when I see them as an everyday type of bag, you rather go with a neutral color like black, blue, brown or a nude one. If you go with crazier color you may be limited to wear it. At least if you don't really care with color combination. 

Aldo Handheld Bag Huxtable

Crossbody Bags
Bags like these are more like a statement piece especially when they have a color blocking to it. When you are wearing a solid color outfit they will give your outfit the right pop of color

Clutches, clutches, clutches. I just love them. Clutches for me are more like a night time type of bag. It gives your outfit an elegant touch to it. But who said you can't wear them at day time?

Aldo clutch Provenzano

Messenger bags
When I see messenger bags I think about school and work.
I would wear bags like these when I go to school, work or when I know I will be carrying some books or paperwork with me

Faux Leather Metallic Messenger by Forever21

Do you love bags? What is your favorite type and when will you wear them?
Just comment below and let me know.

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  1. i loooove crossbody bags because they are so convenient and handsfree but i do love a good handbag too :0 i hate clutches, feel like I'd have to be too aware of them so as not to leave them or put it down


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